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The chronic course of dicroceliosis can lead to complications, all of which are associated with the functioning of the liver and the functions of the bile ducts. A large number of worms, the lack of adequate treatment for dicroceliosis can provoke hepatitis, biliary cirrhosis. Another poor prognosis for dicroceliosis is not excluded - liver failure.

The patient is prescribed a special diet that helps restore liver function. The menu of a fluke-infected person should not include. Timely started complex treatment of dicroceliosis, prescribed after a competent diagnosis, guarantees a favorable prognosis. Compliance with elementary hygiene rules can be guaranteed to play casino online a person from fluke infection. First of all, this applies to people who eat the raw liver of infected animals. A dish from this offal must undergo thorough heat treatment.

It is very easy to introduce fluke eggs into the body during outdoor recreation in an area where snails live - the primary carriers of parasites. A person in nature needs to be afraid of ants - secondary carriers of infection. Insects can enter the body along with food during a picnic.

Dicroceliosis is a disease caused by parasitism of helminths in the body of casino online, as well as domestic animals and sometimes humans. The main causative agents of dicroceliosis are the lanceolate fluke and flatworms, which belong to the class of trematodes. Favorite places of localization in the body of mammals and humans are the bile ducts and the liver. Infection with human dicroceliosis occurs quite rarely in the process of accidental ingestion with berries, vegetables of ants that are infected with these types of helminths. It is ants and terrestrial mollusks that are represented in betweennymi hosts of helminths. Domestic, wild animals become infected by eating grasses, on which there are infested mollusks and ants. Most often found in the steppe, mountainous regions (the North Caucasus, the Black Earth region, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova). Prevention of dicroceliosis in humans should be carried out in conjunction with prevention among domestic and, of course, wild animals, that is, in a complex manner. Data on the formation of immunity have not been identified.

Dicroceliosis is caused by parasites such as the lanceolate fluke and best slots to play online. The latter are the causative agent of this disease mainly in African countries. Their approximate length is 7-8 mm, and their width is slightly more than 1 mm. Suction cups are formed on the body, which serve to feed the worm, as well as for its movement on the ground. Unlike flatworms of the trematode class, the tape fluke is somewhat larger. about 1 mm long and up to 2 mm wide. The helminth itself is oblong in shape, its body is narrowed at both ends, of a characteristic gray color. The back of the body of the lanceolate fluke is represented by brown uterine loops, and the front of the body is occupied by 2 testes with an unpaired ovary, which indicates that the pathogen is a hermaphrodite. Eggs laid by parasitic brown, asymmetrically shaped, thick-shelled eggs containing miracidium (the embryonic larva of the lanceolate fluke). The sizes of eggs, as a rule, reach 0.030-0.040 mm. Eggs are quite resistant to adverse factors. withstand low temperatures and remain viable even down to -50В�C, at a temperature of about 20В�C they survive up to 7 days. The most optimal conditions for their development are high humidity (67 -100%) and air temperature from 3 to 18В�C.

The path of development of dicrocelium is quite complicated and includes the change of several hosts, among which, as a rule, a person can be randomly. The first intermediate host is a mollusk that swallows eggs along with grass. Once in the intestines of the mollusk, the miracidium, leaving their eggs, migrates to the liver, where it transforms into a sporocyst. In this so-called mother sporocyst, after a certain time, daughter sporocysts are formed, from which cercariae are subsequently formed, the final habitat of which is the lungs of the mollusk.

In the lungs, they take the form of slimy lumps that the mollusks release into the environment. These lumps are eaten by ants, however, cercariae are able to infect their subpharyngeal ganglia, as a result of which the nervous system is damaged and when the ambient temperature drops, the ants enter a state of stupor. It is in this state that ants are swallowed by animals or humans, when consuming vegetables and fruits from the beds. In the digestive tract, the destruction of ants occurs, the release of metacercariae, their penetration into the duodenum 12, then into the bile ducts and liver, where their final settlement takes place. Consequently, in the process of its development, this parasite has 2 intermediate hosts - a mollusk and ants, and 1 final host - a domestic and/or wild animal, or a person.

The harmful effect of the parasite on the body of an animal or a person may not manifest itself for a long time and is activated when the number of helminths reaches more than 300 individuals. The main place of localization of dicroceliums in the liver and bile ducts, which is associated with the main signs characteristic of casino games. In addition, animals are able to become infected again, as a result of which their constant active accumulation is observed.